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1 It's F. N.-The Test For Men! 1945
2 Adventures of Sam Spade. 1947
3 Another Snow Man Behind The Eightball. 1946
4 Barber shows Bill how to get the girls! 1948
5 Boy Sights Gal! Kisses Same! 1945
6 Meet Woody Herman and "The Herd" 1946
7 Reveals Beauty Secrets of Gorgeous Powers Models! 1948
8 The Adventures of Sam Spade 1947
9 "They'll never say that about me again!" says pretty Kitty Kallen. 1954
10 "Your Hair's Best Friend" 1952
11 A fan tells Eileen Barton "That's the prettiest sound I ever saw!" 1954
12 June Valli plays Santa Claus to the girl who hated Christmas. 1954
13 SQUEEKIE! 1951
14 Squeekie! Adventures of Sam Spade. 1950
15 Top RCD Recording Star Ralph Flanagan Hits a high note in dance tunes. "Halo, Everybody, Halo!" 1954