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Woman Combing Her Hair: Waldimir Slewinski Young Girls at the Seaside (1879):Pierre Puvis de Chevannes

By Long Hair Fanatic

I saw her standing in the sunlight,
A woman who loved me once,
Yet loved me she did no more,
The spell of hate was upon her.

Anger had filled her heart,
The Princess I knew was gone,
A wicked spell put on her,
Destoryed her body and spirit.

Here she stood a plain common girl,
Dressed in plain blue jeans and plaid sweater,
Though her golden hair shimmered like the sun,
There was no trace of length, how short was her hair!

But then the spell was broken,
I saw sparkles surrond my long lost love,
The heart of stone would melt away,
And once again she would be my beloved princess.

Plain shoes and socks were no more,
Within seconds they vanished,
And left behind were white high heels,
And quite fancy at that.

Her blue jeans turned white,
the pant legs came together forming a dress,
The material changed to silk,
This dress then began to sparkle and gleam with light.

The dress it flopped outwards,
Now it was deep as well as long,
Decorated with jeweled designs,
No longer pants or a dress, a gown now it was.

Her sweater connected with her gown,
Making it all one piece,
The plaid color became white
And the sleeves began to fade.

The fabric changed to silk,
It now connected by straps in the back,
Once covering her entire body,
It now only covered from waist to breast.
Red roses decorated the top of the dress,
Decorations of jewels adorned the silk,
It sparkled and glowed,
As her personality was starting to again.

Her hair began to sprout,
Her ears had been covered,
By masses of sunlight,
The gleam in her blue eyes was returning.

Her hair grew to her mouth,
And it rippled and shined all the way down,
It looked soft and smooth as silk,
I wanted to dig my hands in it.

Her hair grew to her chin,
It framed her beautiful face,
She dug her hands into the hair,
And it was as if they faded into liquid sunshine.

The hair came down her neck,
She felt a quite a tickle,
The transformation was slow,
But oh, what a sight!

Her hair touched her bare shoulders,
She could now pull it back,
But now as before,
She wanted the tresses in full potential.

Past her shoulders it now was,
And continued to grow it did,
Once again her hair could be called long,
As it was now covering half her back.

It touched the line of her dress,
And grew further still tickling her elbows,
Once fantasies were becoming realities again,
She was becoming the princess who loved me long ago.

The spell was fading from her,
Her tresses came to her waist,
And her love returned,
Wanted me to rap my arms around where hair now ended.

But end it did not,
It extended to her tailbone,
Crop headed girls would once again be envious.
Her mane was unmatched, as her love for me once again.

Her hair she could sit on,
She would have to move it before being seated,
And with that movement the tresses would fly,
And fill every man with lust and love.

Her lavish tresses came to her thighs,
She felt so warm in her soft garmet,
I could not wait to be once again enveloped,
By those invincible masses.

To her knees her hair extended,
Some might think this too long,
But her she like it even longer,
She loved having hair oh so very long!

To her calves came golden strands,
Perfect in every way,
Such beauty was only discarded,
By the charms of a spell.

A spell that was no more,
Her hair it touched the back of her knee,
Her transformation done,
Now my love was back.

She held me close, told me she loved me evermore,
My princess was back, and I felt forever warm.
In love I was with this wonderful woman,
And the beautiful mane, that made her almost perfect

A Mermaid (1901): John William Waterhouse

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